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WordPress Development

WordPress Development


Using WordPress you can effortlessly make textual, graphic or structural changes to the website in an instant without having to deal with or look at any of the complicated programming code. You will have full control over your website’s content.

Custom WordPress Theme

Custom WordPress theme creation begins with creating a unique design. This process starts with a pen and paper to sketch page layouts, wire-frames, sitemaps and menu structures. Digital designs are then created using the sketches and your company’s brand guidelines are added for a personalized look and feel. You will be presented with a variety of website design concepts to review. Feedback on the design concepts is essential to give you the opportunity to express your thoughts on the design and make alterations where desired before the final sign-off.

Once the design has been approved, the creation of the custom WordPress theme can begin. This starts by taking the graphical elements (colors, fonts, layout, images) defined in the design process and coding them using web industry standards (PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery). This is typically done by first coding the home page, followed by templates for the interior pages. When the website is ready for review you will be supplied with login details to view the website before it is launched to the public. You will also be supplied with instructions on how to update your website.

Pre-Purchased WordPress Themes

A pre-purchased WordPress theme is perfect for websites on a tight budget or deadline. It is an out-of-the-box design and layout that is ready to integrate into the WordPress system. WordPress handles all of the content for you (posts, pages, comments etc.), while the theme transforms that content into a beautiful and clean layout for your audience to view. You will be able to make minor changes to the design to incorporate your company branding such as changing colours, adding a logo and adding imagery but if you are looking for a unique, custom design you should opt for a custom WordPress theme.

WordPress Training

We offer customized WordPress training to ensure you and your team can effectively manage your website through the WordPress administrative area. We are happy to teach you over the phone, Skype or in person at your office.

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